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DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator > Class Template Reference

Aim: Rosen-Proffitt Length Estimator. More...

#include <DGtal/geometry/curves/estimation/RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h>

Inheritance diagram for DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >:

Public Types

typedef TConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef double Quantity
- Public Types inherited from DGtal::TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >
typedef TConstIterator ConstIterator
typedef double Quantity

Public Member Functions

 RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator ()
 RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator (const RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator &other)=delete
RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimatoroperator= (const RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator &other)=delete
void selfDisplay (std::ostream &out) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DGtal::TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >
 TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator ()=delete
 TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator (const double wdirect, const double wdiag)
 ~TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator ()=default
 TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator (const TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator &other)=delete
TwoStepLocalLengthEstimatoroperator= (const TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator &other)=delete
Quantity eval (const ConstIterator &itb, const ConstIterator &ite, const double h=1.) const
void selfDisplay (std::ostream &out) const
bool isValid () const

Detailed Description

template<typename TConstIterator>
class DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >

Aim: Rosen-Proffitt Length Estimator.

Description of template class 'RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator'

T. J. Ellis and D. Proffitt and D. Rosen and W. Rutkowski Measurement of the lengths of digitized curved lines Computer Graphics and Image Processing, Vol. 10, pp. 333-347, August 1979

Model of CGlobalCurveGeometricEstimator

Template Parameters
TConstIteratora model of CConstIteratorOnArrows.

Definition at line 69 of file RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstIterator

template<typename TConstIterator >
typedef TConstIterator DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::ConstIterator
CONCEPT CHECK sur ConstIterator

Definition at line 76 of file RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h.

◆ Quantity

template<typename TConstIterator >
typedef double DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::Quantity

Definition at line 77 of file RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator() [1/2]

template<typename TConstIterator >
DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 83 of file RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h.

83  :
84  TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator<TConstIterator>(M_PI*(sqrt(2.0f)+1.0)/8.0,
85  M_PI*(sqrt(2.0f)+2.0)/16.0)
86  {}

◆ RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator() [2/2]

template<typename TConstIterator >
DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator ( const RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator > &  other)

Copy constructor.

otherthe object to clone. Forbidden by default.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

template<typename TConstIterator >
RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator& DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::operator= ( const RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator > &  other)


otherthe object to copy.
a reference on 'this'. Forbidden by default.

◆ selfDisplay()

template<typename TConstIterator >
void DGtal::RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::selfDisplay ( std::ostream &  out) const

Writes/Displays the object on an output stream.

outthe output stream where the object is written.

Definition at line 110 of file RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator.h.

111  {
112  out << "[RosenProffittLocalLengthEstimator]";
113  if (this->isValid())
114  out <<" initialized";
115  else
116  out<< " not initialized";
117  }

References DGtal::TwoStepLocalLengthEstimator< TConstIterator >::isValid().

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