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DGtal::BoundedLatticePolytope< TSpace >::UnitCell Struct Reference

#include <DGtal/geometry/volumes/BoundedLatticePolytope.h>

Public Member Functions

 UnitCell (std::initializer_list< Dimension > l)

Data Fields

std::vector< Dimensiondims


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &out, const UnitCell &object)

Detailed Description

template<typename TSpace>
struct DGtal::BoundedLatticePolytope< TSpace >::UnitCell

Represents the unit cell obtained by successive Minkowski sum of UnitSegment whose dimensions are stored in dims. When dims is empty, it is only the point (0,...,0).

Definition at line 126 of file BoundedLatticePolytope.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ UnitCell()

template<typename TSpace >
DGtal::BoundedLatticePolytope< TSpace >::UnitCell::UnitCell ( std::initializer_list< Dimension l)

Definition at line 128 of file BoundedLatticePolytope.h.

129  : dims( l.begin(), l.end() ) {}

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ operator<<

template<typename TSpace >
std::ostream& operator<< ( std::ostream &  out,
const UnitCell object 

Overloads 'operator<<' for displaying objects of class 'BoundedLatticePolytope::UnitCell'.

outthe output stream where the object is written.
objectthe object of class 'BoundedLatticePolytope::UnitCell' to write.
the output stream after the writing.

Definition at line 138 of file BoundedLatticePolytope.h.

140  {
141  out << "{";
142  for ( Dimension i = 0; i < object.dims.size(); ++i ) out << object.dims[ i ];
143  out << "}";
144  return out;
145  }

Field Documentation

◆ dims

template<typename TSpace >
std::vector<Dimension> DGtal::BoundedLatticePolytope< TSpace >::UnitCell::dims

Definition at line 127 of file BoundedLatticePolytope.h.

The documentation for this struct was generated from the following file:
DGtal::uint32_t Dimension
Definition: Common.h:137
std::vector< Dimension > dims
Definition: BoundedLatticePolytope.h:127