DGtal  1.4.beta
DGtal::CubicalCellData Struct Reference

#include <DGtal/topology/CubicalComplex.h>

Public Member Functions

 CubicalCellData ()
 CubicalCellData (uint32_t d)

Data Fields

uint32_t data

Detailed Description

Any cell is stored within a cubical complex with an associated data. You may define your own associated data but the type must derive from this class CubicalCellData. Its basic usage is to store flags associated to the cells, but it may store other values.

Predefined flags are CubicalComplex::REMOVED, CubicalComplex::COLLAPSIBLE, CubicalComplex::FIXED, CubicalComplex::USER1. Other bits can be used to associate an integer to the cell. The corresponding mask is CubicalComplex::VALUE.
Such data is notably used in collapse operation (CubicalComplex::collapse).

Definition at line 76 of file CubicalComplex.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CubicalCellData() [1/2]

DGtal::CubicalCellData::CubicalCellData ( )

Definition at line 77 of file CubicalComplex.h.

77 : data( 0 ) {}

◆ CubicalCellData() [2/2]

DGtal::CubicalCellData::CubicalCellData ( uint32_t  d)

Definition at line 78 of file CubicalComplex.h.

78 : data( d ) {}

Field Documentation

◆ data

uint32_t DGtal::CubicalCellData::data

Definition at line 79 of file CubicalComplex.h.

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