DGtal  1.5.beta
DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D Struct Reference

#include <DGtal/io/DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h>

Inheritance diagram for DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D:

Public Types

typedef int(* CallbackFct) (void *viewer, DGtal::int32_t name, void *data)

Public Member Functions

 SetSelectCallback3D (CallbackFct f, void *data, DGtal::int32_t min=0, DGtal::int32_t max=0x7fffffff)
std::string className () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from DGtal::DrawWithDisplay3DModifier
std::string className () const

Data Fields

CallbackFct myFct
 The callback function associated to the selection of an element. More...
void * myData
DGtal::int32_t myMin
DGtal::int32_t myMax

Detailed Description

This structure is used to pass callback functions to the viewer. These callback functions are called when specific graphical objects are selected by the user (

See also

Definition at line 257 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ CallbackFct

typedef int(* DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::CallbackFct) (void *viewer, DGtal::int32_t name, void *data)

The prototype for a callback function. It is called with a pointer to the viewer, the "OpenGL name" of the selected graphical element and a pointer toward the data that was given at construction of SetSelectCallback3D.

Definition at line 262 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SetSelectCallback3D()

DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::SetSelectCallback3D ( CallbackFct  f,
void *  data,
DGtal::int32_t  min = 0,
DGtal::int32_t  max = 0x7fffffff 

Definition at line 263 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

266  : myFct( f ), myData( data ), myMin( min ), myMax( max ) {}
CallbackFct myFct
The callback function associated to the selection of an element.
int max(int a, int b)

Member Function Documentation

◆ className()

std::string DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::className ( ) const
the class name as a string.

Definition at line 268 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

268 { return "SetSelectCallback3D"; }

Field Documentation

◆ myData

void* DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::myData

Definition at line 271 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myFct

CallbackFct DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::myFct

The callback function associated to the selection of an element.

Definition at line 270 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myMax

DGtal::int32_t DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::myMax

Definition at line 273 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

◆ myMin

DGtal::int32_t DGtal::SetSelectCallback3D::myMin

Definition at line 272 of file DrawWithDisplay3DModifier.h.

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