DGtal  1.4.beta
DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape > Struct Template Reference

Aim: designs the concept of bounded shapes in DGtal (shape for which upper and lower bounding bounds are available). More...

#include <DGtal/shapes/CDigitalBoundedShape.h>

Public Types

typedef TShape::Point Point

Public Member Functions

 BOOST_CONCEPT_USAGE (CDigitalBoundedShape)

Private Attributes

TShape myT
Point myP

Detailed Description

template<typename TShape>
struct DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >

Aim: designs the concept of bounded shapes in DGtal (shape for which upper and lower bounding bounds are available).

DescriptionDescription of concept 'CDigitalBoundedShape'

Refinement of

Associated types

  • Point: type for points (to characterize upper/lower bounds).



Valid expressions and semantics

| Name | Expression | Type requirements | Return type | Precondition | Semantics | Post condition | Complexity | |------------—|---------—|------------------—|----------—|---------------—|--------—|-------------—|---------—| |Lower bound | x.getLowerBound()| | |Point | |compute and return the lower bound of the shape bounding box | | | |Upper bound | x.getUpperBound()| | |Point | |compute and return the upper bound of the shape bounding box | | |



Implicit and Parametric shapes of the shape factory.


Definition at line 90 of file CDigitalBoundedShape.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Point

template<typename TShape >
typedef TShape::Point DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::Point

Definition at line 95 of file CDigitalBoundedShape.h.

Member Function Documentation


template<typename TShape >
DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::BOOST_CONCEPT_USAGE ( CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >  )

Definition at line 97 of file CDigitalBoundedShape.h.

98  {
99  // Shape should have a getUpperBound() returning a Point.
100  ConceptUtils::sameType( myP, myT.getUpperBound() );
101  // Shape should have a getLowerBound() returning a Point.
102  ConceptUtils::sameType( myP, myT.getLowerBound() );
103  }
void sameType(const T &, const T &)
Definition: ConceptUtils.h:117

References DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::myP, DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::myT, and DGtal::concepts::ConceptUtils::sameType().

Field Documentation

◆ myP

template<typename TShape >
Point DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::myP

◆ myT

template<typename TShape >
TShape DGtal::concepts::CDigitalBoundedShape< TShape >::myT

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