DGtal  1.5.beta
DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape > Struct Template Reference

#include <DGtal/shapes/CEuclideanBoundedShape.h>

Public Types

typedef TShape::RealPoint RealPoint

Public Member Functions

 BOOST_CONCEPT_USAGE (CEuclideanBoundedShape)

Private Attributes

TShape myT
RealPoint myP

Detailed Description

template<typename TShape>
struct DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >

DescriptionDescription of concept 'CEuclideanBoundedShape'

Aim: designs the concept of bounded shapes in DGtal (shape for which upper and lower bounding bounds are available).

Refinement of

Associated types

  • RealPoint: type for real points (to characterize upper/lower bounds).



Valid expressions and

Name Expression Type requirements Return type Precondition Semantics Post condition Complexity
Get Lower bound getLowerBound() RealPoint compute and return the lower bound of the shape bounding box
Get Upper bound getUpperBound() RealPoint compute and return the upper bound of the shape bounding box



Implicit and Parametric shapes of the shape factory.


Definition at line 96 of file CEuclideanBoundedShape.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ RealPoint

template<typename TShape >
typedef TShape::RealPoint DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::RealPoint

Definition at line 101 of file CEuclideanBoundedShape.h.

Member Function Documentation


template<typename TShape >
DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::BOOST_CONCEPT_USAGE ( CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >  )

Definition at line 103 of file CEuclideanBoundedShape.h.

104  {
105  // Shape should have a getUpperBound() returning a Point.
106  ConceptUtils::sameType( myP, myT.getUpperBound() );
107  // Shape should have a getLowerBound() returning a Point.
108  ConceptUtils::sameType( myP, myT.getLowerBound() );
109  }
void sameType(const T &, const T &)
Definition: ConceptUtils.h:117

References DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::myP, DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::myT, and DGtal::concepts::ConceptUtils::sameType().

Field Documentation

◆ myP

template<typename TShape >
RealPoint DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::myP

◆ myT

template<typename TShape >
TShape DGtal::concepts::CEuclideanBoundedShape< TShape >::myT

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