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DGtal::concepts::CVertexPredicate< T > Struct Template Reference

Aim: Defines a predicate on a vertex. More...

#include <DGtal/graph/CVertexPredicate.h>

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- Public Types inherited from DGtal::concepts::CPredicate< T, T::Vertex >
typedef T::Vertex Element
- Public Member Functions inherited from DGtal::concepts::CUnaryFunctor< X, A, R >

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct DGtal::concepts::CVertexPredicate< T >

Aim: Defines a predicate on a vertex.

Description of concept 'CVertexPredicate'

Associates a boolean to vertices.

Refinement of CPredicate< T, T::Vertex >.

Associated types:

  • Vertex : specifies the type for an element of the domain (inner type).
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