DGtalTools  1.3.beta

Applies an homotopic thinning of a 3d image file (vol,longvol,pgm3d...) with 3D viewer.

Usage: homotopicThinning3d [options] <3dImageFileName> {vol,longvol,pgm3d...}

Allowed options are :

1 TEXT:FILE REQUIRED Input volumetric file (.vol, .pgm3d or p3d)
-h,--help Print this help message and exit
-i,--input TEXT:FILE REQUIRED Input volumetric file (.vol, .pgm3d or p3d)
-m,--min FLOAT=0 Minimum (excluded) value for threshold.
-M,--max FLOAT=255 Maximum (included) value for threshold.
-e,--exportSDP TEXT Export the resulting set of points in a simple (sequence of discrete point (sdp)).
--fixedPoints INT ... defines the coordinates of points which should not be removed.
-s,--fixedPointSDP TEXT:FILE use fixed points from a file.


Usage by forcing point to be left by the thinning:

$ homotopicThinning3D ${DGtal}/examples/samples/Al.100.vol --fixedPoints 56 35 5 56 61 5 57 91 38 58 8 38 45 50 97

You should obtain such a result:

Resulting visualization.
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